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Credit Unions Harmed by Rules Meant for Wall Street

As a member-owned cooperative, a credit union’s success is literally tied to the financial health of the people who walk through its doors every single day.

This symbiotic structure is why credit unions remain the safest and most consumer-friendly option in banking. It’s also a clear example of why you didn’t see the government bailing out credit unions after the 2008 financial crash, unlike the big banks.

Unfortunately, the federal government seems to have forgotten who was responsible for that crisis.

When Regulators Pick Winners, Consumers Are the Losers

A welcomed theme in the recent election cycle was promise of a thoroughgoing review of unneeded regulations. Regulations that never were subjected to consumer cost-benefit analysis, or that pick winners and losers, or that are in a constant state of flux are prime candidates for repeal. Within the financial community many regulations have arrived as tentacles of Dodd Frank, but there already were many that needed to be aggressively pruned.

Credit union CEO happy to help members, employees

If awesome was a crime, we’d be serving life sentences. The quotation is one of scores that are colorfully painted across the 40,000-square-foot headquarters of the Oklahoma Employees Credit Union at 3001 N Lincoln. They’re on the walls. They’re on stair risers. They’re all over. Here’s another one: I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. At the heart of every saying is OECU’s emphasis on providing superior customer service, said Mark Kelly, president and CEO.