Iowa credit unions thank Ernst and Grassley for support of bill

Des Moines Register
Brent Helin, Iowa Credit Union League chair and Des Moines Metro Credit Union CEO
Apr. 3, 2018

Sens. Joni Ernst and Charles Grassley recently voted on a bill that will help strengthen our community.

The Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act is a bipartisan, common sense approach toward needed regulatory relief. It’s targeted legislation that will help loosen the grip of regulations that affect Main Street financial institutions like credit unions.

It will make the process of getting mortgage loans from credit unions easier and more straightforward for consumers. It will adjust thresholds that ensure lending regulations intended to rein in Wall Street banks do the job without overburdening credit unions and community banks. It will change how credit unions designate certain apartment loans, freeing up capital for additional small business lending, and it will provide important safeguards against elder abuse, giving greater protections to some of the most vulnerable consumers of financial services.

On behalf of Iowa credit unions and our 1.1 million members, thank you to Grassley and Ernst. We now look forward to working with House members to pass this meaningful legislation.

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